38 East is a treated space with professional studio and reference monitors and monitors ideal for mixing...

If you need help mixing down a finished project, we'd be happy to either mix it down together with your input, or we can do the whole process independently. We can also show you a few techniques so you can drastically and confidently improve your mix-downs.


38East studio is designed to make your workflow easier...

Using the Ableton Push and Maschine controller make navigating the iMac effortless allowing you to focus on improving other aspects of your production process. Our community is also on hand to offer tips and tricks to help push your productions to that next level!


Are you a vocalist looking for somewhere to record?

38East has all the necessary equipment needed for high quality recording. We run everything through a 10 channel mixing desk with a wide range of VSTs, plug ins and hardware to choose from.



38 East is available for dry/wet hire and we are always looking for new guests. We take bookings for daytime and evening sessions at a very competitive rate. This includes:

  • Access our huge range of synths & MIDI controllers

  • Mix-down sessions

  • Recording for vocalists / musicians

  • Or a spacer to create your own samples for later use

Our prices are negotiable depending on how many sessions you would like to book, for more information see our FAQ.


Autumn Street, Hackney Wick, London

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